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Thread: Shared Objects in C++

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    Jul 2006

    Shared Objects in C++

    i was writing a piece of code in which i have some problems with shared objects.
    I have 2 classes say class A and class B
    i want that all objects of class B have a common class A object.
    ie one class A object shared by all Class B objects.
    I cannot use a static class A object as a member of class B because i need to packge the code as a dll.

    Any suggestions on this


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    Nov 2003
    Use a pointer instead of an object. Have each B object contain a pointer to A, and make sure that the pointers in all Bs are bound to the same instance. The Singletone pattern is exactly what you need:
    Danny Kalev

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    Dec 2003
    a = new A; // (contains class B)
    b = new A; // (contains class B)
    c = new B;

    a.bref = c; // Two references referring to the same reference object.
    b.bref = c;
    and so on...


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