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Thread: CPU usage

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    CPU usage

    I have a VB6 app that does a lot of processing 'behind the scenes'. The app is running, whether the interface is active or not. The amount of time it takes to process is not important, so I am looking for a way to try restrict CPU usage by the app. This needs to be restricted, otherwise there will be major slowdowns at certain intervals which users will not enjoy. Ideas?

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    What you are looking for is the WMI Job Object Provider. I believe it was new in Win2K. Here are some resources for you,

    WMI Job Object Provider

    CPU Throttling

    Good luck,
    Michael Sanchez
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    You need not restrict the CPU usage by the app .I recommend you to download some overclocking software and see if that works .These softwares helps CPU work smoothly . Here you can find best overclocking software suggestions.

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