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Thread: VB6 Controlling Another APP

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    VB6 Controlling Another APP

    Ok, now I am stumped on this one, maybe someone has an idea.

    I am writing a program to automate and add functions to an external program.

    The external app has a toolbar that has a button for messages. When you click on the toolbar button another form with a toolbar and a grid that shows the messages in a database.

    My application adds a button to the toolbar of the messages form. When the user clicks the button i added it deletes records from datbase. The grid does not reflect the changes. If you click "QUIT" on the toolbar, it closes the messages form, if I click the messages button the messages form opens and the records i deleted are no longer shown. The only way to refresh the grid is to close and reload the form.

    So i decided to have my application close the form and reopen it.

    I did the following. I found handle to the toolbar, i sendmessage WM_LBUTTONDOWN, and WM_LBUTTONUP with X,Y values to click the quit button. Then i send the WM_LBUTTONDOWN, and WM_LBUTTONUP messages with the X,Y values to click the Messages button on the main application window.

    The messages window closes, then it reopens. But the records I deleted are still showing up, however, if i manually click the quit button and then the button to open the message form, the messages form opens with the records gone.

    Can anyone explain why it works by manually clicking the buttons but not through the code? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?

    Thanks, David

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    I think it is because the quit button is removing it from memory.

    You could change your code to simulate a manual click on the quit button.
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    make another call the the database to refresh the grid

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