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Thread: Identifying Work at Home Scams

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    Identifying Work at Home Scams

    The first thing you should do to avoid being a victim of a work at home scam is to become aware of types of opportunities that are most commonly scams. Here, we discuss some examples of such work at home scams, so that the next time you come across such a sale letter or advertisement, you will be well-equipped to differentiate between the genuine and fake ones.

    Chain Letters/Emails

    If you are a frequent visitor of the Internet, you might have come across chain letters or emails promising that if you send a specific amount to the top addresses on the list and pass them on to more addresses, you can get your name added to the list, and thus you can become a millionaire because other people will send you money as well. Well, these mails are framed in such a manner that only the top names receive all the money, leaving you trapped in cases of fraud.

    Typing At Home

    If you are a frequent computer user, then your typing speed is bound to be good, and what better way to capitalize on it other than getting to do some typing work at home. Well, donít jump on all such opportunities, as most of them are deceiving. Such advertisements send you a disk and printed information, for a fee. All you need to do is to type these home typist ads, place them on the Internet, and sell them to more people like you. So, you see this scam is trying to turn you into a scammer.

    Well, besides these two work at home scams, there are many more baits lying there for you. So, here we give a list of some of them.

    * Email processing Ė Just read emails and get paid $3/per mail.
    * Craft assembly for $600 a week. You have to call them and they send you a pamphlet with 100 companies to call, these companies will ask you to send $20 or $30 just to get the start up kit.
    * Multilevel marketing (MLM)
    * Email processing
    * Typist- All you need is a computer and internet connection. What they omit to tell you is that you have to post the same add you responded too.
    * Newspaper clip assembly. Get your local newspaper and send particular clips for $5/clip.
    * Stuffing envelopes for $2. And the list goes on.

    Besides most work at home scams do not offer salaries nor do they guarantee a regular income. For some of them, you have to invest a small fee to be part of the members or buy the product and they neglect to tell you that you have to work quite a few hours before you can ever see a penny. Never give out personal information. You can check the credibility of the company via the Better Business Bureau and see if they are legal or had any complaints or you can check with the FTC (The Federal Trade Commission) call them toll-free at 1-877-FTC-HELP. That's 1-877-FTC-H-E-L-P.

    Note: If you feel suspicious about an opportunity, do a search on with keywords: COMPANY NAME Scam. You'll most likely come across discussions pertaining to the opportunity, if it's a scam.

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    Nov 2003
    Thanks for this valuable info.
    As a rule, one should never pay any fees when applying for a job, and it's more than advisable to confirm that there's a real compant behind the said application: one that has offices, phone numbers, and pay checks. If the job decription doesn't sound like something a real compant would ever need (e.g., if all they ask you to do is copy the ad you applied for), then it's a scam.
    Danny Kalev

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