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Thread: How to send formatted text by vbsendmail?

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    How to send formatted text by vbsendmail?

    I've succesfully implemented vbsendmail in my source. I've noted that the application writes the text in raw text format, hence no formatted text. I want to copy the formatted text within a Word document to the clipboard, which is easy done af course. However how can I paste the formatted text to vbsendmail? This is part of my code :

    WordBodyStr = Clipboard.GetText

    Set poSendMail = New vbSendMail.clsSendMail
    poSendMail.Message = WordbodyStr

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    You can set vbSendMail's .AsHTML property to True in order to format your message with HTML tags. I don't think you can simply copy and paste a Word document and preserve the formatting, however, because Word doesn't copy HTML to the clipboard.
    Phil Weber

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