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Thread: Problems updating a dataset

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    Problems updating a dataset

    Hi, I am having trouble in updating my dataset, I create a dataset from a select command and display the details to a datagrid. I then goto the next new line in the datagrid and insert some new details then click the insertRow button (code below) and I get the following error message :-

    the exception which is caught states : - "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: dataset"

    I am not up to scratch with datasets, but all examples I can find of updates are where only one line of the dataset is shown at a time in text boxes and then a blank set of textboxes are displayed to add a new row then convert the textboxes.text to the add row command, but I am creating an application to be a front end to a database so none of the columns are known so I cannot create this form of input as the amount of textboxes would never be known.

    Please help

    Many thanks


    Code for updating dataset

     Private Sub btnInsertRow_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnInsertRow.Click
            Dim dset As DataSet
            tblName = (cmbInsertData.Text)
            dbConn.openExistingDatabse("Data Source=" & getDBName() & ";Version=3;New=False;Compress=True;")
                dbConn.updateDataSet(dset, tblName)
            Catch es As Exception
            End Try
        End Sub
    Public Sub updateDataSet(ByVal dset As DataSet, ByVal tableName As String)
            Dim sqlite_dataAdapter As SQLiteDataAdapter = New SQLiteDataAdapter()
            sqlite_commandBuilder = New SQLiteCommandBuilder(sqlite_dataAdapter)
            sqlite_dataAdapter.Update(dset, tableName)
        End Sub

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    Problem now fixed.

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