I am using the WshEnvironment class to retrieve the PATH environment value (and append to it), and then save it back. However, the change to the path doesn't seem to take effect until the user logs out and back in again... or reboots the PC. I have verified the value gets set via the "My Computer | Properties | Advanced | Environment Variables" applet, and then checked the PATH value via a command prompt.

After the user logs out and back in again, the command prompt PATH command reflects the correct path.

This is the code I am using:

    Dim objHost As WshShell
    Dim objEnv As WshEnvironment
    Dim strExistVal As String
    ' Get existing var
    Set objHost = New WshShell
    Set objEnv = objHost.Environment("SYSTEM")
    strExistVal = objEnv("PATH")
    ' tack on the additional path
    strExistVal = strExistVal & ";C:\AnotherFolder;"

    objEnv(strEnvVarName) = strExistVal
Any suggestions on how to update the PATH value in real time? Is it even possible?