I have a parking database where I track visitor parking.There is a form where you can submit your request for parking. I have 2 date fields a beginning and ending date when parking is needed. When I query the database for what parking is available it does not show me the any days but the first day. I think I need multiple entries in the database. Here is the code I am trying to use. Thanx for the help. Fred

Private Sub DaysBetween_Click()

Dim DaysBetween As Integer, I As Integer

DaysBetween = DateDiff("d", Me.DateRequested, Me.DepartureDate)

For I = 0 To DaysBetween

DoCmd.RunSQL "Insert Into [Suffolk Visitor Parking Log] " & _
"Values('" & Me.VisitorID & "', '" & Me.Lastname & "', '" & Me.DateRequested + I & "');"

Next I

End Sub