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Thread: 802.11 raw frames

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    Aug 2006

    802.11 raw frames

    hi guys,
    I want to capture raw 802.11 .which adapter card is recommended.

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    Nov 2003
    I'm not sure you need special hardware for this. Depending on your platform, you can capture the raw frames by accessing the device driver. Here's a thread that discusses this topic:
    Or perhaps I didn't fully understand yoru question?
    Danny Kalev

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    Aug 2006
    As he stated in the mail he is working on bsd platform,
    the problem is that windows 2003 currently lacks support of captureing raw 802.11 frames. All traffics comming from adapter sent to the adapter driver and the driver wrap the frames into faked ethernet frames ... what we see when capturing 802.11 frames with ethereal for example.
    the problem is that i want to know exaclty which card currently has the available special driver to give me raw frames at 802.11 layer.
    If anyone has captured raw 802.11 frames on windows platform please tell me the exact adapter model so i buy it.
    Cannot find that special driver for all adapter ,for example i bought a junk of asus adapters and ap and routers .... their drivers don't understand i need raw 802.11 frames.

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    Nov 2003
    I'm not sure Windows will allow you to bypass the HAL, that is the low-level software layer that wraps access to the physical card, but perhaps there are some devices that may offer this.
    Danny Kalev

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