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Thread: Implementing Custom Fields

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    Question Implementing Custom Fields

    Hi all --

    I am working on a Contacts Manager application and want to be able to give our users the option of defining custom contact fields.

    E.g. The standard Contacts table could have the following fields: Name, Address1, Address2, DOB, Email

    But Tom wants to add 2 custom fields, so he has: Name, Address1, Address2, DOB, Email, [Salary], [Region]

    ... and Mary wants 3 custom fields, i.e. Name, Address1, Address2, DOB, Email, [Height], [Weight], [InsideLegMeasurement]

    I wondered if anyone had any ideas how this might best be implemented in java? Would XML be the best choice for the table definitions? Would I have to create new DB tables on the fly for each user based on the table defs, or have a large 'standard' table capable of accommodating several custom fields?

    And I'd like to evaluate who's logged in at runtime and display the appropriate data in a JTable. Would I need to extend AbstractTableModel for this?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm pretty new to this. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Are you connecting to a SQL database, or are you just making your own?

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