This forum has been launched in coordination with our brand new site, (! You can read more about what APIFinder is all about by going to the site and having a look but, in short, APIFinder is a place to find all kinds of APIs to assist your programming efforts and a place to learn and share ideas about programming with APIs.

This forum is designed to discuss specific APIs that you think the editors of APIFinder should know about but which you are not ready to submit yourself. If you ARE sure that we should include your API, please register for the site (it takes 10 seconds) and submit the API yourself. There is an easy-to-use form on the site for submitting APIs. This forum is sort of a backup. You can also use it just to ask questions of the editors about the site in general or the content on the site and how you can contribute.

Enjoy the forum!
Lori Piquet Cleary