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Thread: How Do I Implement an AJAX Tab with a List of Items?

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    How Do I Implement an AJAX Tab with a List of Items?

    I am a complete rookie with AJAX and am trying to add a tab to an existing application that displays a list of items matching a set of criteria set by a series of list boxes on the left of my page. Each list box is populated when an item is selected from the list box above. All of this works.

    Also on the form are about half a dozen AJAX tabs. Each one is populated by an asp page which is just HTML defining a form and some named fields. When someone selects a choice from the bottom listbox, all of the fields on the form on the tab are populated. I see how the former programmer did this and it makes sense.

    What I am trying to implement is a bit different. What I'm trying to implement is basically the result set of a query which has several records. I need to put some header info on the tab and then output a table with the results. I'm having trouble passing a req.querystring to the asp page that produces the report.

    Has anyone seen any AJAX examples that sound like they are close to what I am trying to do? Can you please point me in that direction? I would appreciate it very much.


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    I'm not sure that I understand what it is that you're trying to do. Do you just need to know how to pass a GET parameter with AJAX? To do that, you should just append it to the request, e.g. You can also send POST data using AJAX. Take a look at for more information.

    Hope this helps.

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    I was able to get this to work. I was not understanding the sequence that things were happening in and once I did, I got my code to work. Thanks for answering.


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