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Thread: Imbeding Powerpoint in Visual Basic 6.0

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    Imbeding Powerpoint in Visual Basic 6.0

    Hello, I have this idea of using a powerpoint presentation within a visual basic form just to make a nice and simple display for a company name.

    I know that I can use the powerpoint OLE container , however, It works only if a I do and action on it, like, Double Click, and after that, it opens a new powerpoint instance, my idea is to be showing the presentation right from the the start of the program continuously as if it were advertisement and be able to change the phrase in the presentation through visual basic coding.

    I thought of searching for a powerpoint ocx file but I've looked and found only sharewares, I don't want to buy, since what I want to do is very simple.
    Perhaps there is someone who wanted to do the same and can ilustrate me a bit more on how to solve this issue, Thanks.

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    I can show you how to do scrolling, marquee, text if that is what you want.

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