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Thread: Uses an array need help please!!!

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    Uses an array need help please!!!

    ***This program can be written in either Visual Basic or C++***

    Write a program that declares an array to hold 10 integers the integers will be entered by the user. Once the array is populated write the necessary code to:
    Sum all of the numbers in the array
    Print out the largest and smallest numbers in the array
    Print out the average of the numbers in the array
    The output should appear as follows:
    The sum of the numbers in the array are:
    The largest number in the array is:
    The smallest number in the array is:
    The average of the numbers entered into the array is:

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    Welcome to DevX

    What is your question?

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    Welcome nywresting,

    please read the Netiquette of the forum:

    Homework help will be tolerated only if the poster shows significant interest and past effort in having worked on the problem already and questions are narrowly posed. It is acceptable to ask for help to get past a hurdle in your exercise, but do not post an exam question and expect the community to provide the answer.

    As Hack requested, please write down some code or asks a specific question, people here will be more than glad to help you.
    "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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