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Thread: Logout user from multiple frames in ASP.NET

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    Jul 2006

    Logout user from multiple frames in ASP.NET


    I have a webpage which is divided in to three frames one is heading .aspx (location is on top of webpage), navigation.aspx(to the left of web page)
    and mainpage.aspx(remaing area is occupied by this).
    User can select various links from navigtion.aspx frame, and that selected link
    page is displayed in mainpage.aspx(mainarea).

    My problem is I have a logout link on navigation.aspx, when user clicks this
    it should redirect him to thankyou.aspx page. But instead of showing this in the mainpage.aspx i.e in a single frame.It should come out of all the three frames i.e it should no longer show the links to other web pages to the user.
    i.e it should completely redirect the user from a webpage consisting of three frames to thankyou.aspx page.

    so, can any one refer me to a good resource/link which explains how to achieve this OR explian me how to procced.

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you have to use frames?

    I would suggest using MasterPages. Then everything is handled from one page (yet you still get dynamic headers, menus, etc).

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    Jul 2006

    Using ASP.NET 2003


    I have this application in 2003, with frames. And I Have to implement
    what I stated above. So, what can I do now to accomplish it.

    Thanks for your reply

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    Dec 2005
    South of Nowhere, Maine
    Well... you could just call a refresh on each frame after the logout. I don't think the frames are changing when you logout from one, so you need to notify the others that the logout happened.

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