I am going to create a website in asp.net 2.0 using visual studio 2005 where we will be providing subdomains for each registered user. user can select a design and theme and after inserting their user details, they will get a 20 page website.

My question is, how to manage the user folder in the web project. For few users its working fine as its creating folder for each user and copy all their fles in their respective folders so that edit it. But Users can increate upto 500,000 or even more. I can't add these many folders in my existing project as it will be run and manage it. And it will be too heavy too. If I store them outside the project, how can they edit their website and webpages. How it will be compiled?

example websites are:

Can anybody guide me how these user websiets are managed at point2agent.com?

vishnu bobade