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Thread: Basic Programmer switching to Visual C++

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    Aug 2004
    Orange, California

    Basic Programmer switching to Visual C++

    I have been programming in various versions of Basic since the 70's , and
    mostly in MS Access's VBA lately. Although I have used VB6 for several
    I am interested in learning Visual C++ but I don't want to start with the
    typical Learn C++ programming books; because I already know how to
    I would appreciate any suggestions on how to Pickup C++ in the most efficient medthod possible.
    I am sure people must have asked this question before; so please forgive
    me for asking it again!

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    Sep 2006
    I've just switched over from a basic language also. I think it's way easier to learn c++ after knowing the basics of programming, since the only major difference is syntax. But there are some other differences that will change the way you program, depending on what basics you've used.

    Here's a few great sites I've come across while learning c++.

    Just about everything about c++:

    Great win32 api programming tutorials:

    And for OpenGL/3D programming:

    I've never used VB or visual c++, so I can't really give any pointers there. But for picking up c++ quickly, I'd recommend translating some existing programs you've made into c++. That way, you know how it's supposed to work and that it actually does work in case it doesn't do what you want it to in c++.

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    Nov 2003
    If you already know a bit of programming, then you really don't need those "Dummy Guide to C++" style books. You can start with my C++ Reference Guide here:
    Also, look at the sites mentioned in the previous post.
    Danny Kalev

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    Aug 2004
    Orange, California
    Thank you so much. These look like great starting points.
    I have access to both Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio .net Version 2002
    Should I start with VS6 or jump right in with 2002 ?

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    Nov 2003
    Try to get VS 2005, it's the most up-to-date IDE and it has many useful features. Avoid VC++ 6 at all costs. It's terrible, frankly.
    Danny Kalev

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