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Thread: Problem in swap DateTimePicker values

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    Dec 2003

    Problem in swap DateTimePicker values

    Hi, I have two DateTimePickers to determine date range, with their names are dtStartDate and dtEndDate.
    I want to swap their values if dtStartDate value > dtEndDate.
    In dtStartDate_ValueChanged event, I only write codes as follows:
    if (dtStartDate.Value > dtEndDate.Value)
         DateTimePicker dtTemp = new DateTimePicker();
         dtTemp.Value = dtStartDate.Value;
         dtStartDate.Value = dtEndDate.Value;
         dtEndDate.Value = dtTemp.Value;
    When I ran the code, I got both values are equal (dtStartDate value = dtEndDate).
    Step by step debugging showed their values were swapped.
    But when the debug step exit from dtStartDate_ValueChanged event, both values became equal.
    I guess it happened because of the value passed as reference, not as value.
    How to fix it, so I can swap both values?
    Thanks for your help / direction.

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    Sep 2006
    You can use dtStartDate_CloseUp;

    after performance dtStartDate.Value = dtEndDate.Value;
    another dtStartDate_ValueChanged occurs

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