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Thread: Nested working Access query doesn't work in

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    Oct 2006

    Nested working Access query doesn't work in

    I have the following query which I 'm using in Access 2003 without any problems. When I use the same query (& database) in VB.NET it recognizes only 2 parameters ( & panels.panel ) instead of 4.

    SELECT [time]
    FROM times
    WHERE times.studypanelperioddayID = (select days.ID from days where days.studypanelperiodID = (select periods.ID from periods where periods.panelstudyID = (select panels.ID from panels where []=? and [panels.panel]=?) and [periods.period]=? ) and []=?);

    Is there any difference between the syntax in Access 2003 and VB.NET?


    Dries Mahieu

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    South of Nowhere, Maine
    VB.Net doesn't have its own SQL Syntax. It uses SQL Server. And that syntax varies from Access.

    That being said... I am not that good with SQL, so I can't help you convert your query... other than maybe writing it from scratch using Query Analyzer to test?

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