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Thread: How To Make Setup File....

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    Aug 2006

    How To Make Setup File....

    I have created an application in Vb6.0 and i want to submit that 2 some of my friends as a Setup file... i dont know hw 2 create a setu file using Vb6.0.... and also i have one more doubt... i want to keep on add some more changes to my software... so is there any way by which i can upgrade my friends application with out giving the whole software again i.e with some piece of update pach.... please help me friends....

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    The Professional & Enterprise editions of VB come with a setup wizard, do you not have this available to you?

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    Oct 2005
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    Its called an installation package. You can use Package & Deployment Wizard that comes with VB but some people have problems installing into Win2k/XP.

    Inno Setup


    Windows Installer 3.0

    Visual Studio Installer 1.1

    They are all free.
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    I've been programming with VB for 15 years. Started with VB4 16bit Pro, VB5 Pro, VB6 Pro/Enterprise and now VB3 Pro. But I'm no expert, I'm still learning.


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