I have searched for articles that show the architecture of a real life (implemented) distributed and scalable application that is :

1. ASP.Net based
2. uses .Net v1.1
3. implements Message Queues (NOT using MQ Series, and not in BizTalk Server please)

I have found none that would be remotely real life. The only ones I have found are "using MSMQ" and very basic articles, or the ones that are real life use either WInForms as a client, or use MQ Series.

It seems MSMQ has not been implemented as a solution in any meaningful distributed, scalable, architecture.

Someone please guide me to some practical, real life articles that do use MSMQ in a meaningful way to implement a distributed, scalable architecture.

Also, what is a "Message Broker", and how would MSMQ fit that role? Can someone guide me to some practical real life implementations of these?

I would be grateful.