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Thread: about relationships in usecase

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    Question about relationships in usecase

    hai iam karthik
    iam working as designer for a concern.iam a fresher ,so i do need help.

    my question:-
    I do have a page ,in which i can call up that page in three different ways .so how can i express in the usecase and wat relationships can be used to represent their relationship with that single page.

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    You have to take a step back and identify the 3 (or more) activities in which someone might want to call up your page. For example, if you're writing an application to help with buying groceries, and your page is the grocery list page, you might have the following use cases:
    1. Shop for groceries (which includes getting the latest list)
    2. Add item to list (just ate something wonderful, want to remember to buy it on next trip)
    3. Maintain list (maintenance of a general list that is used to buy "standard" food items.

    Each use case would then drive a particular way to access/view/interact with the page.

    Hope that helps,
    Scott Sehlhorst, President, Tyner Blain

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