I have requirment like this, i want to populate data onto Windows Form from Database Table, once data is displayed onto Form, the user should be able to do some maniplataions on data displayed..

for example here.. ( i am taking one Row here)


Type(E/H) Amount Percent Choose 
**           100000 85
The Column Type is like editable, User can enter E or H, When user Enters 'E' the entire row should be not editable.. and when enters 'H' , there will be other buttons in the form and i should enable those.

When user changes Percent , row should automatically calculate and populate amount in Amount column..

Choose, is radio button where user can choose and make other options like print etc..

How to solve this requirment? Which controls gives me good results in Windows Forms (I am using Visual Studio 2005)..

If possible somebody give me example..