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Thread: Click Event of Listbox

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    Question Click Event of Listbox

    Hello All,

    I have some code in the click event of my listbox. Whenever I use this listbox with other code it runs through this click event. How do I stop this? I'm passing the listbox to a function, it runs the click event first then my function. I don't want it to run the click event code unless I click on the listbox. No other time!



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    Can you provide more information? You must be doing something in your code that's triggering the Click event.

    I just added a ListBox to a form and put a MsgBox statement in the Click event handler. Then in the Form_Load handler, I set the ListBox's SelectedIndex property. When I run the project, I get no MsgBox, so the Click event is not firing.
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    All I'm doing is this:


    Fill control just addes records to the listbox. Before it does anything in the FillControl method, it goes to the click event of the listbox and runs what's there.


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    Another thing, since I'm passing it this way. When I select an item from the listbox it has no value. I'm doing this: dim SelectUser as string = lbUsers.SelectedItem, this doesn't work now. What gives....???


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