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Thread: Html/Xml parsers

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    Nov 2006

    Html/Xml parsers

    Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me.

    Im doing a project where a user will ask for a http page, the server will run a little servelt which will take a HTML page and an XML page as arguments, read the XML file and apply whatever it says in it to the HTML page, eg turn all links red. Then the servlet returns the page to the sever, to the user.

    For the server i have downloaded Tomcat, but i dont really know anything about parsers for the servlet. Could i for example take Jtidy and point Tomcat to that, then Jtidy will take in the two files?? Or is that not how parsers work at all?

    Any info at all would be helpful!!

    Kate xx

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    Nov 2005
    Wow! I think that you I a little confuse! JTidy is a open-source program that can convert HTML to XHTML per example. Can you be more specific!

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    Nov 2006
    ye maybe i am!

    I want to merge XML with HTML, so then Jtidy is useless??!

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