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Thread: c++ array

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    Nov 2006

    Question c++ array

    does anyone know how I can define a 2D matrix that will change size according to users requierments. I was thinking of using a 2 dimention array but then how do I define it's size to be a variable so the size will change. I've been trying to get it for a while and I can't figure it out maybe you can help me?

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    Nov 2006
    The only ways are
    a. use a linked list but not recommended if ur quite new to C++
    b. use Vectors. Vectors can automatically change size when u add new elements to them

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    Nov 2006
    I realy appriciate the respons but I'm farlly new to c++ so I don't know the liked list method but do you know how I can define the vector method for more than 1D?

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    vector<vector<int> >

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    Dec 2003
    You might use a C array instead for performance. Vectors are a little sluggish (powerful, but very heavy compared to a pure array). I tried to use them in my latest matrix class but they were just too much for real-time processing.

    My matrix class uses a large, single dimensional pure array that is allocated at program start (its a static variable in the matrix class) and the class manages its own memory by doling out slices of that array. Its a lot like what lapack & friends do but instead of passing the working array to the routines, its just already available. I hooked in an option to allocate dynamic memory to individual instances but usually I use the pre-existing memory for the speed. The matrices are reshaped internally to appear to be 2D instead of 1D for some algorithms, for other algorithms a single loop over the 1D memory is muct faster! It depends largely on your matrix application, mine are smallish and for control theory apps, rarely exceeding a 50X50. Also sparse matrices require a different storage method & algorithms tailored for sparse matrices are completely different from their counterparts. The one drawback to my matrix class is the shared memory is not thread safe, which is not a problem for my controller (its a tight loop, with no other tasks to thread out) but could be an issue for other applications.

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