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Thread: Securing code

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    Nov 2006

    Securing code

    Dear all

    I have this web application that has an applet and buch of java scripts. They all have the core functionality of the project. When i have the stuff on the web i can secure the content by configuring the server. But few clients would like the product on a cd. That is a problem for the security of my code because they can see it and reuse it. Is there any way to protect the code (applet and javascript) so the customer can use it but not be able to view it? Something like encryption? Any advice on that matter?


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    hmmm i am not sure about java script, but normally you only give away java code in form of bytecode (the class files of your project - not the .java files -> this is the source). i am sure there are people who can rebuild the source form class files, but most of the time this is considered secure enough. maybe you can put them into a jar file. a friend of mine sometimes produces exe files from java code with the code warrior (there are other tools capable of that too). try to gain information on the net on that topic. you could also copyright your code to prevent misusage. write a license agreement or something. what many companies tend to do - make your customer dependant on you ;-)

    sorry not a complete answer this time, but better than nothing.

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    The best securing option

    In the case when you are dealing with multiple customers in the enterprise world the most secure option you have is to put in the license agreement together with the product you are distributing. In that case you do not have to try and secure the code because any atempt to steal your code will result in a court case.

    I just wanted to post this on here for any other person that might face the same problem as i did. I ended up thinking too much along the way of encrypting the code but it is not needed. The solution is much more simple.


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