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Thread: need package

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    Nov 2006

    Question need package

    Dear All,

    actually i want to compress my String. thats why i need package. please help me to download the associated jar file. please provide me the link where i can download the zar file.

    thanks in advance

    Anjul Tyagi
    E-mail :

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    Nov 2006
    uhm.. i don't know... isn't that shipped out with java? i got the standard development kid java sdk or something (TIGER... i just created a class, typed import*; and it worked.

    read this:

    the beginning says: the java core packages include.... blabla... so it's in every java (except maybe the microedition for mobile devices, but i am sure you are not using it ;-) ). try to run the examples from that link above and tell me if it worked!

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    Nov 2006
    More about you can find at java news conferences , there are some topics about it.

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