I am facing an issue for which i have googled, metalinked and msdned high and low without any result.

The problem is this...we have developed an application for which we have written a separate interface (as a dll) for ODBC. All database requests within the application are peformed through this.

Now, in development testing, when the system was in LAN, it all worked fine. But when we move to production settings, we get a peculiar behavior.

we're using:

OS : win2k3 enterprise edition with SP1
Oracle Client Version :
Oracle Server (on AIX) version :
Oracle ODBC Driver version : (have tried .4 and .5 also)

What we have observed is that sometimes the SQLConnect() call is sent by the ODBC interface, but it doesn't get a reply. We observed this by writing a debug code just before and after the SQLConnect() call. Sometimes we observe that the before is never followed by an after, especially when many SQLConnect requests are made together. As a result, the application keeps waiting for the reply, and eventualy takes up 99% of CPU usage.

This happens only in production settings, where the system has been moved to WAN.

Has anyone come across a similar issue? Any pointer would be a great help.