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Thread: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

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    Nov 2006


    Having problems with my assignment for college. Newbie and new to this forum so bare with me.
    Been asked to do the following:
    "Write a class called, Product that has the following attributes a name, a price and description. Write get and set methods for each of the attributes. It should have a constructor that takes three parameters, name, price and description. It should also have a toString method that returns the details of the Product.A stock room can hold a fixed number of Products, e.g. fixed number is 10 then the maximum number of products a stock room can hold is 10.

    Create a class called, StockRoom that will store the fixed number of Products (hint: array). The StockRoom will have a constructor that takes an integer, which represents the fixed number (or maximum number) of Products that the stock room can hold.

    This class should include methods to allow for
    - new products to be added to the stock room cannot store more than maximum number allowed in the stock room.
    - a list of all products to be printed out.

    Write an application to test the methods of the StockRoom."

    This is what I have at the moment.
    public class Product{

    public String name;
    public Double price;
    public String description;
    public String productString;

    public Product(){

    public Product(String name, Double price, String description){;

    public String toString(){
    productString="name" + "price" + "description";
    return productString;

    public void setName(String name){;

    public void setPrice(Double price){

    public void setDescription(String description){

    public String getName(){
    return name;

    public Double getPrice(){
    return price;

    public String geDescription(){
    return description;

    public class StockRoom{

    public Product[] stockRoomArray;
    public int maxPoductsInStockRoom;
    public int productPosition;
    public Product productToAdd;

    public StockRoom(int maxPoductsInStockRoom){
    stockRoomArray = new Product[maxPoductsInStockRoom];

    public void printProductList(){
    int n;
    for (n=0;n<maxPoductsInStockRoom;n++){
    System.out.println("Product in position "+n+": "+stockRoomArray[n]);

    public int addProduct(Product productToAdd){
    if (productPosition>=maxPoductsInStockRoom){
    System.out.println("The stock room is full!");
    stockRoomArray[productPosition]= productToAdd;
    return productPosition;

    public void addPos(int productPosition, Product productToAdd){
    stockRoomArray[productPosition]= productToAdd;

    When I run StockRoom I get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: StockRoom
    Both compiles without errors. Any idea whats wrong with the code? Any help is much appreciated.
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    There is nothing wrong with your code if it compiles correctly. Occaisonally, Java gives this error. I have suffered the same error on various occaisions; usually it's because of the way you're trying to run the .class file.

    I know of no fix that works in every case, and can't offer any suggestions without knowing how you're trying to run StockRoom.class.

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    How exactly did you plan on running a class with no main method? That error is being thrown because you're trying to run a class with no main method.

    public static void main(String[] args)

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    Dec 2006
    Try adding current directory (./) in your classpath and run.

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