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Thread: File Download

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    Jul 2006

    File Download

    I need to download ".bat" file on click of an image.
    The code is :
    function downloadBatchFile() {'http://myserver/download.bat');
    <img src="FileDownload.gif" onclick="downloadBatchFile();"/>

    With this code, the file content are displayed in the new window. No download/save window is shown.
    I tried doing the same with the help of <a href ..> tag. but the output is same.
    Can any one help me on that.

    (If I replace .bat file with .zip file it shows me the Save window, and the zip file can be downloaded);


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    Nov 2006
    Please research "mime types". If the user's browser is configured to handle a certain mime type a certain way, then that's what is going to happen. If you want them to always download a file, then give them instructions on how to do that (usually, by right-clicking the link). Or, give the file a different mime-type and/or extension, and inform the user how to rename the file after it's been downloaded.

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