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Thread: how to use project files inside another project

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    how to use project files inside another project

    hi huys,

    may i ask, how to use project files inside another project

    thing is my application is part of a large project and now it is time to plug it into that project

    now i have two projects 1- my application 2- the big project

    all i need to do is to let the big project use my code some how so i could be able to make a button in the big project that finally create my application dialog and DoModal() it

    so am i gonna put all my source, hearder and resource files in the big project, or there is another simple way

    thnx 4 ur time and concern

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    There are certainly many different alternatives, depending on what type of project
    your piece of code is.
    If your part is an *.exe simply including it in the bigger project will probably not
    work, because you will duplicate the "main" symbol. You can certainly try to include
    your *.cpp/*.h files in the bigger project (with exception of the one where your main function is). This will work if you have chosen your class-names/method-names etc
    sufficiently different from the ones in the bigger project.Resource files usually cause a bit of a pain when moving them to another existing project, because the Wizards generate resource ID with the same numbers in different projects. So when you merge the projects IDs are duplicated.
    Alternatively you could re-create your project as a library or DLL and then include the DLL in the main project.

    Hope that helps?

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