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Thread: A free site can I have ?

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    Oct 2005

    Arrow A free site can I have ?

    Hey all;

    Can I have a free PHP webhosting that allow me to use the function mail() ???

    or equivalent in asp or any other methods ???

    Just I need to save feedback or bug report from my C++ app ,, when the user choose to send me a feedback or a bug report I want to resive it in my mail box directly ... how can I ???

    Or if it possible I want a method to save this in files in a free webhosting site and I'll check them from file manger for example ???

    If u can help me with web codes ? "don't worry about c methods"

    Thank u.

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    Jan 2005

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    Oct 2005
    Thanks man ; but the best one told me to pay 0.99 USD throw paypal to activate the service ; they want this routine to be sure that I'm not a spammer . otherwise other sites doesn't allow free acounts to use mail() function at all

    As I' havent a paypal acount (although it's only 1$) I wont pay anythink and I need help in another idea :

    How to save data in a file in a webserver so I can view this data from it's filemanger or equivalent ?

    THankx for reply in advance

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    Jan 2005
    do you have the webserver running on your which case its pretty easy...keep it anywhere where the filemanager can index it...public_html , www, and public_ftp if you want to view it using a FTP client or a browser, and in case the webserver is on a remote machine...well i don't get the problem...

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    Oct 2005
    No at all ; I want just to register in a free webhosting plan ; use their service to view files that have been sent by my application ,, Now just I want the method ; how to put an php or asp code in the webserver to do this :

    For example :

    my app will navigate to a url like this :

    www .\bug_report.php?subject="bug in some place"&body="bug explaination , I have found an error when ... bla bla ... etc"

    All I want the way to code the "bug_report.php" or "bug_report.asp" or any way to be able to write in a file on that server and then read this file later to view bugs and like that ..

    Thank you .

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    Oct 2005
    Ok I found it "fwrite()" thats what I needed !

    I don't love webdeveloping but I had to search for it last night coz I need to finalize my application .

    Thanks Nrip , you also gived me good free hosting sites , looking forword to have free SMTP site or an acount in paypal to pay this 1$ !

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    Oct 2005


    Please I want to know what's wrong with this :

    fopen($f, "a") or die("ERR");
    fputs($f, $s);
    fputs($f, $t);
    echo "END"

    I call it like that : xxx.php?s="testSubject"&t="TestBugText"

    xxx is a free domain in a free webhosting .. I wish have in the file some thing like this :


    what's wrong ?
    I need help urgently .. thanks in advance .

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