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Thread: problem with getElementsByTagName not working in IE7

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    problem with getElementsByTagName not working in IE7

    Anyone else had this problem? I run this code in firefox 2 and it works fine but I get a length of 0 in IE.

    thanks in advance
    function handleReportData(reportData)
                var results = xmlHttp.responseXML;
                alert("gets to handle data");
                var report, reportID, displayName, fileName, reportDesc;
                var reports = results.getElementsByTagName("report");
                for(var i = 0; i < reports.length; i++)
                    report = reports[i];
                    reportID = report.getAttribute("id");
                    displayName = report.getAttribute("displayName");
                    fileName = report.getAttribute("fileName");
                    reportDesc = report.getAttribute("desc");
                    alert(reportID+" "+displayName+" "+reportDesc+" "+fileName);


    Ok guys well I guess it is a problem w/ MS dropping the ball yet again. It appears that although MS finally conformed thier xmlHttprequest object to industry standard, IE does not support responseXML. The work around? Write it out to a div tag and get the div tag as the dom. What a crock anyone have a better idea?

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