Netscape has designed Secure Socket Layer protocol with the only aim of making all the online transactions secure and private. Now, itís became an industry standard for all the online transactions. Secure Socket Layer protocol through SSL certificates, which are issued by third party Certificate Authority (CA), is achieving the goal of making online transactions all over the world secure. Customers are not at all willing to do even a small transaction if the website is not offering this service. So, itís mandatory to have SSL certificate for any business if they want to offer the facility of online transactions.

There are many SSL providers all over the world. This domain of Internet security is very hot, currently. Many companies are fighting to get a lion share in this highly competitive domain. Some of the major players are Verisign, Rapidssl, Geotrust, Instantssl, XRamp and many more. Out of these SSL providers, Verisign is definitely the market leader in many verticals. However, it is getting stiff competition from many other players in different domains.

For example, GeoTrust is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. GeoTrustís main clientele comes from the large enterprises. However, GeoTrust also have competitive products for the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). To enable organizations of all sizes to secure e-business transactions cost-effectively, GeoTrust have a comprehensive array of technologies.
Its solutions can be broadly classified as:
1. GeoTrust's Web Security Services.
2. GeoTrust's Enterprise Services.
3. GeoTrust's Identity Verification Services.
4. GeoTrust's Signing Services.

To provide hosting providers and businesses with world-class digital certificates for fast transaction security, GeoTrust uses its Web Security Services. It also has patent-pending 'smart seals' to ensure a trusted identity on the Web. This, according to GeoTrust, is going to help them to grab a king share in the Web Security Services domain.

For their large enterprises clients, GeoTrust uses its Enterprise Services. This PKI technology, termed as next-generation technology by GeoTrust, safeguards network access, online communication and digital transactions. GeoTrust is really providing its clients with very powerful solutions in this space.

GeoTrust's Identity Verification Services ensures the identity of business entities and/or individuals in online transactions. GeoTrust's Signing Services span both document signing and code signing. This represents the latest in next-generation technology for digitally signing applications.

Now, is offering all the major SSL services of all the major players including GeoTrust. It also offers huge information about the SSL Certificates and SSL Service providers through its Website, Blogs and many more.