Dear all

I am using SQL Server 2005 Notification Services.
I have written an application which uses a standard delivery protocol
(FILE) and a few custom delivery protocols.

I want to display the log of notifications sent. This information can
be found in NSMyEventClassNotificationDistribution view, where
MyEventClass is the name of Event Class.

When I send notification using my custom-written delivery protocol, the
DeliveryStatusDescription column of view mentioned above shows entry
as "Delivery Failed",and the DeliveryStatusInfo column of view mentioned "The email address

or SMTP server value invalidates" ,So that I don't recive the notification of email. If I

send notifications to FILE, the entry says "Delivery Succeeded" and I can get the

notification in the file.

Why I can't receive notifications of email? I have installed the protocal of SMTP in IIS of the server,and also the pop3 protocal.

Can someone give me help?Thanks a lot.