hello all,

i am fairly new to vb.net and come accross a problem that i cant solve. I have tried anything searched the net and even bought "the bible on vb.net but i cant seem to find the answer, so i am feeling a dummy asking this but i hope you guys can help

problem I have an access database with serveral linked tables so i have setup a master detail view, wich i working ok. in the last table there is a collum type oledata in acces database wich holds a picture. i cant get this pictured displayed in a datagrid.

i have bound the datagrid to the recordset using the gui, so no programming in code here. i have set the picture collum to be able to display pictures but all i see is a red cross

so i went seraching and everybody on the net seem to use a template collum, but i cant find this option any wehere in vb.net 2005

question remains can some on etell me how to retrieve the pictures from the database and display them in a datagrid? preferabbly not using code but the GUI? and pls in a "for dummys"way