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Thread: Hyperterminal commands with Fargo Maesto 100 GSM Modem

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    Dec 2006

    Hyperterminal commands with Fargo Maesto 100 GSM Modem

    I can communicate thorugh RS-232 that connects my Fargo Maestro 100 GSM Modem. I can send and receive SMS'es using AT commands perfectly in text format (AT+CMGF=1) but am experiencing problems with PDU format.

    I tried all sorts of ways to issue a send (AT+CMGS) with PDU format (AT+CMGF=0). Please help me to realize this. Here is my syntax:

    AT+CMGF = 0

    My CSCA (Message center number) is,
    +CSCA: "+2666000002",145

    The desitnation number is:
    +26663104703 (+266 is the country code for Lesotho)

    Can you discover anything wrong with:
    > 06916266000020A40B916266134007F37F006021819104310004D4F29C0E

    where the sent message is "Test"?. Remember test works fine in Text mode (AT+CMGF=1)

    The result is always, +CMS ERROR: 304. I tried everything I know, please help?

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    Dec 2006
    I've tried using PDU length AT+CMGS=16<CR>
    > 002100088136017430000004D4F29C0E

    as we as AT+CMGS=19<CR>
    > 0022000000000B916266134007F304D4F29C0E<ctrl-Z> and it still doesn't work?

    Any help?

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