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Thread: IMG code .

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    Oct 2005

    Arrow IMG code .

    Hey, small question to the "editors" what's wrong generally , users still can use [IMG] code althought it's off , or really it's not off !

    Ok why disable it from the begin ? I know that most forums close html code for security related but why for img , anyway I'm originally posting to tell u that while img code is off users still can use it .

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    Where are you seeing [IMG] used successfully?

    In most cases, we find that if an image is needed, it can be uploaded. We did turn off dynamic images because that allows for PHP to potentially be executed -- something that would be a security risk.

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    Oct 2005
    [img] code is this if I'm not wrong :
    [IMG ] ~something~ [/ IMG ]

    And it's showen disabled , r u talking about attached image thumbnail ? then it's not the img code if I'm ot wrong ..

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    Feb 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
    The [IMG] code tag is used to embed an image into an email. That is different from a Code tag or from attaching an image.

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    Oct 2005
    I'm talking about post number 4 here :

    and my post here for example : [number 9]

    It's better to let it enabled but I'm asking why it shows that it's "off" I don't know any method for IMG than this if there exists then that's ok .

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