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Thread: control Excel VBA macro with a VB 05-designed user interface

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    control Excel VBA macro with a VB 05-designed UI

    I have many Excel workbooks that I receive from clients I run various Excel VBA macros on depending on which workbook it is, and I need to automate all of this so that I can run an simple .exe user interface designed in VB 2005 Express Edition where when that interface is run, a small window opens on the destop with a group of buttons, when the user clicks one of the buttons, Excel launches loads the appropriate file and runs an already-existing appropriate Excel macro, then some file maintenance is done, like moving a group of files from one subdirectory to another.
    I'm new to VB and don't know where to start to make this happen. Could someone show me how to do this/where to begin?
    thanks in advance,
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    You can execute macros in Office applications using automation:

    How to run Office macros by using Automation from Visual Basic .NET
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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