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Thread: Security Watch: The First Vista Vulnerability

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    Oct 2005

    Arrow Security Watch: The First Vista Vulnerability

    A "proof of concept" program for an exploit for Microsoft's recently released Windows Vista operating system was released on a Russian hacker site recently.


    And vista isn't availble for public yet !!!

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    Jan 2007
    a small victory,and windows was more and more security than before.

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    Oct 2005
    Execuse me, I don't meen any thing but I really can't understand u , you meen :
    "windows was more and more security than now"
    "windows is more and more security than before"

    maybe I'm wrong but just please explain to me .. and thanks for reply

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    Jan 2007
    Vistas beta version has been availbale for quite some time, some one must have used vista beta to find out this vulnerability
    But it is good as it is caught in beta phrase.

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    Oct 2005
    Nop this vulnerability found by this Rusian isn't in the beta version ... Micro$oft has already distributed the new vista to the big companies like IBM, Dell, .. this was before 2007 too . and they have said that it will be availble for the public at the end of 1/2007 . I'm not waiting it at all just because I must resive a free version and when I have asked they told me that .

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    Oct 2005
    I have asked now again and they told me that I'll have it in May .. those guys haven't one word , I wont make any thing finally I'm not waiting it , it just a free copy for me and I want to resive it !

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    Jan 2007
    it should be " windows is more security than before",thanks for your comments.
    and since vista is issued i think a lot of hacking methods would fail.
    And look forward for new ideas.

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    Oct 2005
    I don't think so , Hackers may need to "Change" their methods only without need to update it !
    At the first realse of XP they said that too, yea xp is different than 98 , but u can see now how it is not secure at all ! .. and the firewall with the sp2 was very weak and could be disabled by a small command ... and finally the antispyware released by Micro$oft has been totaly reversed !!!
    I think this company problem that it has very limited view point by it's employees only, Bell must make this company take ideas from every where .. and know the most of view points and tools to have better work ...
    If u don't know, the world map that explain where the majority of hackers exist , it shows that they are in USA then Europe only , but the reality is african hackers for example use a fake proxy that exist in usa originally to do their work ! every body know Neiger famous hackers for example but this coutry doesn't appear in the mentioned map !
    Vista most change is the height graphics used that need 128 vga card at least , and here the questioin , will I buy a video game or an operating system ??
    we need os to make my pc work not to overload and buy "unesessary" hardware for every body ...
    They must at the place of making all this graphics take this time to make more effective error less software !

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