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Thread: Pls help me pick a language

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    Jan 2007

    Lightbulb Pls help me pick a language

    Hi people
    I recently got a part-time job at my University's Adult Education department. I am supposed to automate their stuff. I am a computer science student, very efficient and experienced in client/server programming using VB and Java for frontends. I also have user-level knowledge in databases; Oracle, SQL server, dBase, Foxpro, Access (like it counts!). Anyways I was looking for advice on this one because it's my first ever live project and I want to make it work.
    The folks need a simple interface. I want to make the application platform-independent, so no VB. Although I appreciate dissuasion. I was thinking Java RMI but I need a freely-available robust database. The folks cannot afford licensing, etc. I was looking at simultaneous multi-user transactions and the data is really HUGE. Do you advise concurrency control at the backend or a frontend with a few flags and conditional statements?
    Any advice/help/feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you,

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    Well u need a "platform-independent" so noway u must choose "Oracle" or try "MySql" it's similar to "Sql" exactly but the point is Oracle and Java are very good friends , and there is an Oracle software that contain oracle database manger and IDE for Java in the same time ..
    Otherwise Java and MySql are free-licence so u may use mysql if u dont want to pay ..

    By the way [not advertising for myself coz it will be partialy free] I'm currently developing my "AMD" database tool it's not great as sql and access but it's only make what u need in any based client/server programme .. I'm currently use it for a company and the terms disallow me to publish it before v1.5 or 6/2007 ... if u r intersted and u want to use it for your next projects , u can bookmark my website and u will find more info about that soo isa ,

    Partialy free mean: free for any single developer , student or like that , but enterprises and companies must pay for it .
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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    You can try postgresql as well, if you knew C++, I would have suggested you to use TAO as well

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    Out of curiousity, why does it have to be platform independent? It seems that most system created specifically for users (not to be sold retail) don't generally have to be platform independent because you know (or can dictate) what platforms the app needs to use.

    If the app doesn't have to actually be platform independent, then you would be open to use the tools you are already familiar with like VB and you'd have better databases to choose from (like SQL Server Express, which is also free).

    Just wondering and just a thought.

    Bradley L. Jones
    Author, and more.
    QuinStreet Enterprise Network / Network
    (,, DevX, jGuru, and more!)


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