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Thread: .NET Client Data Caching

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    Exclamation .NET Client Data Caching

    Hi All.

    I am developing an application in There is one form in my application which loads CustomerId and CustomerName fields from the customer table in my sql server 2000 database. The database is stored on different physical computer located in other area far away from my system and I m connecting to remote system using dial-up connection or might even use vpn connection in future to connect my system with remote system. Now whenever I m opening this form, its taking long time to load the CustomerId and CustomerName list from the remote database and everyday this list goes on increasing coz new customers are added daily.

    What my concern is how to cache this CustomerId and CustomerName data locally on my system so that I dont need to read data every time from remote computer? Also how to check whether the data I m caching on my computer is not changed on the remote computer by someone. I mean how to create this kind of applications for commercial purpose?

    Please help me out.

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    Well u can make a simple database [or maybe very simple file] that you will store in it your retrived data from the server ... in the other side make a small logger that will log events done from time1 to now .. when you connect u just need to read this log from your last visited time to now see if there is changes : update recorde Or new added clients : get their data only !
    in this point don't forget to flag your last visit time in the log to start from it next time .
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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