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Thread: Linking A Mobile Device To A Desktop Application -please Try To Help!

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    Linking A Mobile Device To A Desktop Application -please Try To Help!

    Hello Highly Esteemed Members,

    I am trying to create an application with Visual Studio 2005. Basically, here is the idea. I am trying to create a desktop database application which is linked to a wireless device (PDA or Pocket PC). The function I am trying to achieve can best be said by an example.

    Say I have an application (maybe database application) with a formula eg

    y = x + log(50)

    But I would like to be able to determine 'x' from a remote PDA a reasonable distance away, send it wirelessly to the application (with the help of activesync or other); so the application executes it and sends result back to the wireless device.

    Do you think such a functionality is possible and how may I go about achieving it (will it take excessive development time?). Im a bit new to wireless development. Thank you very much.

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    There are several ways to go about it, depending on your needs. For example, it's psossible to store x in a local file on the PDA and let the desktop computer read that file using an IR connection. If however you need to update the value of x frequently, or you want to transmit it from a larger distance, you will need a different protocol and more complex code. The bottom line: it's doable but it wil require some time for testing.
    Danny Kalev

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