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Thread: AppScan web scanning tool question

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    Question AppScan web scanning tool question

    Hello All,

    I am new to security but very excited to join such an intresting field where I get to interact with all these impresive minds and resources. I am currently running a web scan useing Appscan tool. I keep getting the below error when trying to connect to the URL i am scanning

    Appscan error

    The response length exceeds the defined limit

    Any thoughts on how I could overcome this issue. I can access the site useing my regular broswer, but cant get to access it useing APPScan show feature. Is there a way to set the time limit for running the scan. I am thinking this could be the issue causeing this error message, but not sure where to change that from. Any thoughts?

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    Oct 2005
    Does it show any site else ? maybe your tool crached or need a new upgreat .
    I don't use it actually but this is what I think about it .

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