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Thread: Question about Implementing Foxpro Date function

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    Question about Implementing Foxpro Date function

    Hi Experts,

    I urgently need help implementing the Date in an application that I am working on. There is a button which on clicking should automatically update the Date of Birth.
    How do I get this coded and get it to work.
    Attached are a few shots of what I need help with.
    Thanks for your help.

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    to get the current date in VB you can use the same Date variable as in ForPro
    MsgBox Date
    MsgBox Format(Date, "dd/MM/yyyy")
    ...Since I do not have enough rights to view attachements in my office pc, could you please explain what you need and if possible some codes...

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    Do u want it to be calculated when calling it only ?
    U may just store the birth-date and when I ask about the old u should make daydiff() between this stored value and now()
    hope this helps .

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