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Thread: Using EXEL in my app ?

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    Arrow Using EXEL in my app ?

    Hey all;
    I just wanna know if there is any restriction type to use office application in my project, I'm now making an option that save a selected form in EXEL format .. to be able to be saved as exel , edited and printed again .
    I use for this of course a refrence to exel.exe file so is there any restrictions in such a type of application ? must I tell micro$oft or what ?
    Other thing, I want to be safe that the user already have exel , so is there any problem to put the exel.exe file in my installation package ?
    I know obviously if the user want to have an exel copy, it must have exel installed but what if he want to save it only just for now and use it later or from another computer ? if taking the exe file is not leagel what must I do ?

    Thanks for reply.
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