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Thread: Java developers in the Guildford area, UK

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    Apr 2006

    Java developers in the Guildford/London area, UK

    To whom it may concern,

    I'm the founder of a small start-up company focused on developing an exciting new end-to-end Java-based mobile service. Presently our headcount numbers only three, but we're looking to hire new talent to help us realise our target launch date early in the new year.

    We're after individuals with a keen interest in Java and Web programming, especially those with ambition and drive. In exchange for your work we'll be offering a basic wage, experience helping to shape a fledgling company, and maybe more.

    If you feel you have something to offer and would like to know more, please let me know.
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    Dec 2006
    hi pompeybob44uk,

    I am interested in the position.I am a Chinese with B.Sc. degree in Computer Science.I have one year and a half working experience in Sofeware company as a java/j2ee software Engineer.However,as I practised more by taking part in the project given by tutor when i was in university,I get more experienced and after half year's hard work in company,I become a team leader of 4 members.

    Development method,TDD(Testing Driven Development) which I am similar with,is essential part in team development.Under Development method,software requirement,documentaion,unit testing,coding can be carried out correctly,so we get higher quality software and shorter development period.this open source framework( written by me represents the use of TDD.

    my skills:
    knowledge:TDD,UML,junit,easymock,springframework,hibernate,servlet,JSP,XML,XSTL,HTML,Mysql ,MS SQL Server.
    tools:Apache tomcat,subversion, CVS,ant, eclipse, docbook,Fedora core linux.

    if I am a suitable person,please inform me for my CV and more detail at

    cheng wei

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    Apr 2006
    Further to my original posting, we are now looking for individuals with J2EE experience, and specifically knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

    Spring, Hibernate, JUnit and Design Patterns.

    Would ideally suit recent post-grads.

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