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Thread: MSXML 4.0 on Pocket PC 2002

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    robert seymour Guest

    MSXML 4.0 on Pocket PC 2002

    Are you aware if there is much interest in the community for XSL support
    for Pocket PC 2002? According to a contact at Microsoft, they feel there
    is "not a lot of customer demand for an XSLT processor".

    We are developing a mobile computing strategy here at Lawrence Livermore
    National Laboratory, of which XML development and content delivery is a major

    We would prefer to use client-side XML content delivery, and at the same
    time avoid dual development for Pocket PC and Palm OS handheld devices. Currently
    Palm OS devices are the majority, but we expect that soon to change. As we
    understand it, Pocket PC supports only MSXML 3.0. With the new MSXML 4.0
    feature set, including XPath, Schema, and XSLT implementations, we believe
    we could develop for both platforms with minimal effort. We built a client-side
    XML version of our Handheld Working Group Web site as a technical reference
    model, based on W3C standards.

    We considered server-side delivery. Resin is available on our institutional
    Web servers. The problem involves the lack of needed skill sets, the processing
    load required and the distributed nature of the development and delivery.
    Many programs use their own servers.

    With that said, we would greatly appreciate any advice and information you
    can give us.

    Thanks for your time.

    Robert Seymour
    Mobile Computing Architect
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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    thanks for you

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