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Thread: Help Please--record finding in access db

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    Arrow Help Please--record finding in access db


    i have MS access database with a "itmname" field
    and a form with a textbox and a button

    i want a code to check the database before add new record if
    name in textbox already exist in database raise a message like
    "name already exists" else add name on textbox in database.

    im begginer and please write codes in vb6

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    Add a reference in your project (Project -> References...) to Microsoft DAO Object Library. Then do something like this:
    If Not SaveItemName(txtItemName.Text) Then
        ' Name already exists
    End If
    Function SaveItemName(ByVal ItemName As String) As Boolean
        Dim db As Database
        Dim rs As Recordset
        Dim result As Boolean
        Set db = OpenDatabase("d:\path\filename.mdb")
        ' Get number of records whose itmname field
        ' matches ItemName parameter value
        Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TableName WHERE itmname = '" & ItemName & "'")
        ' If count > 0, name already exists
        If rs(0) > 0 Then
            result = False
            ' If name not found, insert new ItemName
            db.Execute "INSERT INTO TableName (itmname) VALUES ('" & ItemName & "')"
            result = True
        End If
        ' Clean up
        ' Return success or failure
        SaveItemName = result
    End Function
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